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Zipporah Monique of The Crowned Collective, LLC Hosts

Emotionally Wealthy Women Always Win” Tour

Emotional intelligence strategist and author, Zipporah Monique, announces plans for “Emotionally Wealthy Women Always Win”, an interactive tour to provide high-performing businesswomen the resources to obtain wealth from the inside out. 

Zipporah Monique is taking her advocacy for women empowerment a notch higher as the public speaker and emotional intelligence expert recently announced plans to host a tour – “Emotionally Wealthy Women Always Win”. The tour is suited for high-performing businesswomen who yearn for true wealth in their life and businesses, as Zipporah shares easy-to-implement yet groundbreaking ways of using emotional intelligence to maintain and enhance women's lives and businesses in a healthy transformative way, irrespective of the industry.

“I am passionate about women, their purpose, their values, and their mindsets. I want women to understand that being equipped with emotional intelligence allows them to navigate this world in ways that not only benefit but nurture them. I focus on breaking toxic generational cycles, enhancing financial savviness, and embracing femininity in order to combat depression and anxiety, and prevent women from struggling in silence. The lack of self-value, distorted self-perception, decreased self-worth, and crippling self-doubt must be combated with a healthy realization that their power lies within and they are fully equipped from birth.” - Zipporah Monique

Described as the “fastest growing and highest earning demographic of entrepreneurs,” women are becoming more impactful in the business environment, bringing their passion and problem-solving skills to challenge the status quo. Consequently, Zipporah aims to arm women with emotional intelligence skills to excel in the highly competitive and dynamic business world, a claim substantiated by the multi-city tour.

This is a one-of-a-kind event that will help high-performing businesswomen and leaders across industries to master emotional intelligence and ultimately leverage its tenets to strengthen their influence, improve their brand, enhance their overall wealth, and of course, skyrocket their revenue. When you experience a session with Zipporah be prepared to be exposed to her knowledge of business and systems and you will walk away with tools to overcome obstacles, build higher performance mindsets and become highly successful.

Participants will leave each 120-minute session with: 

  1. Heighten Self Awareness and Self Mastery  

  2. Ability to navigate through positive and negative thoughts and emotions 

  3. Cognitive Exercises to build self-esteem and confidence

  4. Practical tools to cease negative self-talk, self-doubt, and scarcity mindset 

  5. The identity of your Strengths, Weaknesses, Morals, and Priorities 

  6. A new ally in the journey to independence and stability 

Let the Healing Begin! 

If you or your organization are interested in having Zipporah visit your city during this tour, please fill out the form below and indicate that you are interested in the tour option.

She looks forward to seeing you in your city in the near future! 

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