The Home Theater Gallery

Case Study

The case study below illustrates how Zipporah helped a small business owner breathe life into his online presence.

The Challenge

When Joe first approached Zipporah about his struggle attracting customers to his site and converting them once they arrive, we immediately identified his primary problem – his web presence was hurting his sales. His website was outdated and he had never invested in SEO services so his site wasn't being found online. In addition, home automation is still a fairly recent industry and thus a level of consumer education was required.

The Solution


Joe came to us a great local business owner that had no online presence, while offline he was a rock star. He was frustrated and his lack of knowledge on what to do left his business paralyzed. Today, he has a leading local online reputation and has significantly improved his online lead generation with page one search rankings. Read on to learn how we helped The Home Theater Gallery accomplish this.

Website Development

When The Home Theater Gallery began Zipporah's program, the design of their website was out-of-date and not optimally designed to capture leads, incorporate social media, or be viewed on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Our first task was to resurrect the The Home Theater Gallery website with a fresh design and lead generation focus.We needed something that reflected the innovative nature of the product they offer... intelligent home automation.


Once the website makeover was complete, we turned our attention to ranking the website in the organic search results for different products and related keywords. We also implemented an intensive link building campaign to expand their online footprint.


With all of these organic search marketing tactics combined, The Home Theater Gallery saw a significant and steady increase in website traffic. As you can see via the screenshot, we were able to rank The Home Theater Gallery on page 1 for a highly beneficial phrase.

Content Development

Due to the nature of the product and early stages of market adoption for home automation services, The Home Theater Gallery needed to demonstrate how the product worked and it would benefit customers. Zipporah had a great promo video produced which helped showcase the services The Home Theater Gallery provides.