Zipporah Monique

Author | Emotional Intelligence Strategist | Transformational Speaker

“Zipporah is a dynamic speaker who has a way of captivating and motivating her audience.  Her approach to sharing the importance of SELF- preservation, HIGH-standards and Emotional Intelligence is needed in our communities and businesses. Anyone who witnesses her workshops or trainings are able to walk away with the techniques and action steps needed to assist them in confronting high stakes social situations, adopting management savvy leadership skills, navigating through anxiety & depression, as well as other personal obstacles. Her audience is not limited to young ladies as people of all ages and backgrounds can benefit from hearing her powerful message.” 

Zipporah Monique is an Emotional Intelligence Strategist, Author, Success Systems Expert, Psychology-driven Business Mentor who consults CEO's, Corporations and millennial woman to adopt emotional and social learning to enhance their personal and professional development and status.  After spending the last several years working in confidence coaching and systems of daily operations, Zipporah knows what soft & leadership skills are needed for one to have a fulfilled and thriving lifestyle. "Self Mastery is the key to thriving in life and business, if you Master yourself you can master the world around you."

Zipporah has been honored to lead workshops, trainings, & panels for large corporations, universities, and conferences. She has been trained in Cultural Responsive Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Resolution, Leadership training, and Life Coaching.  

Zipporah exudes a commanding presence, an innate level of confidence, and a regal air that has the ability to stir up any audience to bring out the best in people. She is also known for her straight forward, practical, hip-savvy style that allows for real-life experiences and controversial techniques to connect with her audience at a raw, open, and honest level.  

"In her newly released book, Zipporah Monique cuts through the mundane self-help genre with her take on building a positive holistic mindset in CROWNED: Unleashing the Queen Within. In this refreshingly transparent trip through royalty, Zipporah, serves up 9 bite-sized chapters full of inspiring stories, life-changing memoirs, small yet insightful exercises and empowering stories that get you thinking like a Queen.   

Via chapters such as " A Queen is Decisive", "A Queen is A Gratitude Gangsta" and "A Queen Knows the Place of a Pawn vs A King", Zipporah takes you on a royal carriage ride to your own transformation, helping you to release your emotional connection to your past, build greater relationships on love, and to create the ultimate life of royalty by using the gifts you already have.  By the end of CROWNED: Unleashing the Queen Within, you will understand why you are how you are, how to love what you can't change, how to change what you don't love, and how to start living the kind of life the old you will be jealous of.   


Speaking Points 

Cultural Responsive Emotional Intelligence:
How Intelligently Navigate the Workplace

Managerial & Leadership Training

Adopting High Standards & Lifestyle Etiquette

Cracking the Confidence Code: Self Mastery and Self Confidence

Navigating High Stakes Social Situations

Handling Emotions: Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

Beyond the Abuse: Healing from Trauma & Generational Patterns

-Increasing Self Awareness and Self Mastery   

-Navigating through mindset beliefs for Emotional Intelligence and healing  

-Building self-esteem and confidence through cognitive exercises  

-Reducing negative self-talk, self-doubt, and scarcity mindset  

-Understanding and discern Co-dependency  and healthy relationship 

-Identifying Strengths, Weaknesses, Morals, and Priorities  

-Soft Skills - Communication, Etiquette, and Decision Making 




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