Social Media Management

Establish your social media presence

and increase brand awareness

Building Your Social Media Community


Let's face it...Today’s world runs on social media. If you don’t use it effectively you’re not only losing customers, you’re losing credibility. We build and manage your social media presence to increase brand awareness, improve communication and drive engagement.

Custom Content Creation

We will research and post creative, unique content to your account. Whether blog articles, relevant industry information, project photos or dynamic promo videos, your posts and campaigns will all be tailored for your audience and designed to elicit the highest possible engagement and results.

Weekly Posting

Legacy Leap will post on your account  weekly the amount detailed in your chosen plan. Larger accounts with multiple followers are recommended to post 2x daily.

Dedicated Social Media Manager

You will have dedicated Social Media manager that will be directly available for you to contact regarding your account. Your Social Media Manager will monitor multiple aspects of your brand's online presence.

Monthly Reporting

We'll provide detailed reports indicating who your audience is, when they are looking at your Social Media Business pages, and most importantly, what people are engaging with. These insights are critical to seeing your return on investment, as well to helping understand your audience and cater posts directly to them. 

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Comment Responding [Premium plan]

We will respond to any comments, questions or thoughts posted on your page and alert you if deemed urgent.

Custom Graphic Design [Premium plan]

We'll create beautiful, engaging imagery that will be used to increase interest, engagement and familiarity with your brand.

SPAM Monitoring [Premium plan]

Sometimes people post things on your page that are overtly negative or inappropriate. We will monitor your page for this and remove the comment for you.

Monthly Consultations [Premium plan]

Your entire social media content calendar will be planned a month in advance. Every month, before we submit a single post, we'll meet to discuss the optimal strategy for your business. 

What Does A Strong Social Media Presence Mean For You?
Makes You Human
An active and engaging social media profile gives your business a personality in a way that your website cannot.
Greater Brand Awareness
Expand your recognition beyond your local area. The wider you cast your net, the more sales you're likely to make. 
Reoccurring Sales
Connecting with past customers on a daily basis through targeted content, increases the likelihood of return business.
Keeps You Relevant
Most everyone checks their Facebook account daily. Stay top of mind by targeting your content to the people that you know are interested in it.