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I'm in LOVE.....With this FREE Organizational Tool! AirTable | Info and Reviews

The Greatest Organizational Tool!

OK let me first give you some back story.

Hi, my name is Zipporah and I suffer from strategic OCD.

What is that, you might you ask... I have a true love for strategy and how to find order in chaos. You should see me when I get a new problem to solve...my mind goes a mile a minute, the hairs on the back on my neck stand up and there's no stopping me until I figure out the most logical solution. With studying Biology in the past and now being an entrepreneur...it's obvious to say...

I love strategy.

Especially in business..(I think that's why I am so great at what I do ;) )

OK back to that FREE Organizational tool....

As every entrepreneur knows, strategy is key and following a defined path is the fast track to success but it isn't the easiest when trying to juggle a ton of different hats in your business. Daily I work on improving my workflow and efficiency, asking myself how can I maximize my output?

I've searched high and low for a user friendly-CRM/Google Sheet/Google Calendar/Evernote/Project and Event Management- Phenomenon and a friend finally introduced me to ...Drum roll Please... AIRTABLE.

This article does include Affiliate Links.

Airtable is a spreadsheet-database easy online platform. It has the features of a database but applied to a spreadsheet. While databases can get bad name among non-programmers for being confusing and impossible to figure out, The fields in an simple interface is colorful, friendly, and allows anyone to create a database in minutes. Whether you need to store, organize, or collaborate on information about anything—i.e. email marketing, social media marketing, event attendance, program creations, product inventories, and even real estate hunting—no tech experience required.

Why Airtable?

Spreadsheets have been used beyond their intended purpose because relational databases are much too complex for the non-technical business person. Airtable bridges this gap, providing the power of having data stored in structured relational databases but also allowing non-technical users to easily create, manipulate and share information on tables and views, all from an accessible, safe and affordable platform.

Honestly...you have to check it out to understand it's true power.

Check out the tutorial!




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