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Detox Yo' Life! - How to be a Successful Queenpreneur While Still Maintaining Life

Detox Your Life | Zipporah Monique

So here's the thing. You want to have a thriving online business. You want to operate as a high level CEO. You want to create recurring revenue. But there is a LOT going on in your life.

  • Maybe your job is demanding and stressful.

  • Maybe you have dishes and laundry piling up.

  • Maybe you have kids running around the house.

  • Maybe you're constantly running from one idea to the next.

  • Maybe you have a thousand notifications on your phone.

It's all a wild rollercoaster and you feel like you're getting nowhere. Your brain has too many tabs open, which leaves you unfocused, unproductive and not sure what to do next.

You tell yourself, "Everything will be okay once my business takes off". But you have no idea when that will be. And you're loosing momentum. Sound familiar?

Good news! This is totally normal. Especially when you are trying to be SuperWoman and Queenprenuer at the same time.

It's time to create a change.

The clutter can destroy you. It's in your email inbox, on your computer desktop, in your Facebook newsfeed, in your home, and in your mind. Everything is competing for your attention. But you get to decide who wins.

It's so much easier to be successful when you feel successful. And it's pretty hard to feel successful when everything is spiraling out of control. The stress you're experiencing from any clutter in your life, whether you realize it or not, is directly affecting your business. We notice this is especially true for women.

So the first step in this process is to simplify your life so that you can feel successful, which will allow you to achieve that success. Setting yourself up for success. Make sense?

I am all about creating a business that doesn't just look good on the outside, but feels good on the inside.

One common solution to this problem, is organization. Unfortunately, organization is like a Band-aid on a deep wound. You can organize, but things will just become disorganized again. The real answer...is purging. It's about actually removing the things from your life that aren't serving you.

So what is cluttering up your life? How can you transform the chaos into inspiration?

These are some ideas to consider:

Your Work Environment

  • Paint a wall

  • Add a bookshelf

  • Rearrange the furniture

  • Clear off your desk

  • Hang up a vision board

  • Buy flowers

  • Sort through your desk drawers

Your Car

  • Get an oil change

  • Vacuum out the crumbs and dirt

  • Clear out the junk from the trunk and backseat

  • Put an air freshener under the floormat

  • Commit to clearing out the car every time you get home

Your Home

  • Sort through your refrigerator and pantry. Clear out old or expired foods. Get rid of the junk food and processed foods.

  • Dig through the kitchen cupboards. Get rid of broken or unused appliances.

  • Purge your closet. Get rid of things that don't make you feel FABULOUS or you haven't worn in 2 years.

  • Clean your shower. Throw out empty shampoo bottles and dull razors.

  • Shred old papers and documents.

Your Relationships

  • Reconnect with your partner or spouse by planning a thoughtful date.

  • Become unavailable for drama. Unfriend/unfollow people who bring negativity into your newsfeed.

  • Ask yourself, "How can I serve _________ today?"

  • Call a loved one or schedule a coffee date or activity with a friend.

Your Time

  • Block off time to do what makes you happy (time outside, mani/pedi, watching a great movie, or going to get some healthy grub),

  • Block off time for you to sleep at least 6-8 hours/night. Yes! We know how busy you are but you WILL be more productive when you make sleep a priority.

  • Turn off notifications on your phone, and schedule times to check your email + social media, rather than checking it all day long.

  • Careful of Netflix! How much time do you really want to spend on TV each day?

  • Need to organize your day? I have these handy Daily Tasks Organizers

Phone and Computer

  • Clean out and organize your email inbox

  • Return voicemails

  • Clean up computer desktop

  • Backup important info to Dropbox or physical hard drive

  • Sync phone and laptop

  • Organize receipts, invoices, etc.

  • Clear up memory on your phone

  • Reorganize apps. Delete the ones you don't use

Delete, unsubscribe, throw away, unfollow and don't stop until the things in your life are pointing you in the direction of your dreams.

Decluttering your life is very important to running a successful business and having a clear mind to make the right decisions.

What are some things you do to declutter? I'd love to hear them!

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