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6 Steps to Follow Through on Everything

“I can give you a six-word formula for success: Think things through–then follow through.” –Eddie Rickenbacker

Goal setting is the fun part. The real work comes on the follow through with the day-to-day activities to bring it to fruition. This is where some of us get stuck. Whether it’s a project at work, losing weight, or finding a healthy relationship, here’s how to set yourself up for success:

Assess Your Environment

If you want to thrive at work, take an honest look around your office. Is it organized? Does your printer work? Is your computer slow or bogged down with old documents? Does your headset work well? Do you have items you love and do you simply feel good in the space? Make a list of what needs upgrading and do it this week.

Check Your Support System

Who’s got your back? Do they inspire you? Challenge you to be your best? What are you giving to the relationship? What are you receiving? Right now, begin valuing your time by choosing wisely whom you share it with. Try to spend more of your time with people who motivate you and limit your exposure to those who spread negativity.

Establish a Morning (or Evening) Ritual

This creates healthy habits and starts your day on the right foot. Put together some sort of ritual you do each day. Here’s an example of mine. (Aside from the meditating, I sometimes incorporate the items into a morning walk or workout):

1. Meditate.

Sometimes it’s 3 minutes…. Sometimes 15. The point is to develop a routine and do the best you can with the time you have.

2. Gratitude list.

I shoot for 25 items but start wherever it feels good. I don’t write them down but instead say them out loud.

3. Visualize:

State your goal out loud. Verbalize WHY now is the right time and then visualize how it is going to make you FEEL! Here’s an example: I will rock the interview. WHY? Because I have the tools in front of me, they need what I have to offer, and I am ready.

Next, in your mind, vividly envision what you will be wearing, how you will walk, how you will feel, how you will present yourself during the interview. Go as far as watching yourself leave the interview, what they will say as you walk out of the room, and so on. Train your mind to believe it’s already happening!

Finish the visualization by releasing the desire for your goal. You have done the work.

4. Theme:

Lastly, state your “theme word” for the day. This word should easily come to you based upon the work you’ve done thus far in your ritual. During the day, come back to your theme word to center and remind yourself of the bigger picture.

These are great to have throughout your home or office. They are constant reminders of your goals. Want a new relationship? Choose to display items reflecting love. One thing I noticed years ago was every picture I had in the house depicted one woman in the picture. Not one piece of art work of a man or couple.

Set Structure and Consistency

Whether it’s 10 minutes of exercise, networking, or writing your online dating profile… it’s 10 minutes more than you did before. Build momentum by building structure into your schedule through “appointments” with yourself.

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Plan a Celebration!

Give yourself something fun to look forward to once your goal is achieved. A friend told me of her goal to lose 20 pounds. She had unused gift cards from Christmas to her favorite spa, clothing store, and culinary store. She left the three gift cards on her desk, visualizing each morning how much fun she would have hosting a dinner party with her new hair cut, outfit, and cookware once she lost the weight. It worked.

Found at" https://www.levo.com/posts/how-to-follow-through-on-everything

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