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10 Things I Do Weekly To Grow My Business Rapidly

One of the best things I’ve learned as a blogger and online entrepreneur is the magic is in the things you do daily, therefore planning is my best friend. It is impossible to be productive if I jump from task to task, checking off items as they pop up. So if you aren’t a fan of organization…learn to be. LOL. Over the last 6 months I keep a weekly reflection on the things that were working and the things that I was wasting time on. I want to share the top 10 important things I do every week to grow my online presence . . .

Provide 3 pieces of valued content

This is #1 on the list because providing value and sharing your expertise for FREE is a dope way to get people excited about what you are doing and transition them into clients and customers. It’s like testing a car before you buy it – you want to know what it’s like, if it’s a good fit, if you’re getting the most value for your money. And more content going out means more traffic, more subscribers, and more customers! Content is what gets people to notice you…fall in love with your work and because a lasting subscriber. Content is Queen!

Engage my email subscribers

Your subscribers(subs) are the most important point of contact every week. Engaging your subs keeps you fresh on their mind and addicted to the content you are supplying them with. It’s easy for people to miss your social media posts when scrolling through their feed not noticing your post among dozens, but if you make your appearance in their inbox they’re more likely to see it and click on the links you provide. Connecting with my subscribers on a weekly basis is a sure-fire way to build trust and provide a sense of community. This also helps when you are launching product or have special promotions. If people get used to hearing from you on a weekly basis, it won’t be such a shock when they receive extra emails during a launch or promo.

Share my content on social media

Oh yes, self-promotion is an important part of the entrepreneur game. Yes you have to be the player, the coach, the scorekeeper ANNNND the cheerleader. If you don’t tell people you’ve posted new content, who will?? This is especially important when you’re at the beginning of growing your online presence. Since I started making a point of pinning my posts to multiple boards and sharing a new post at least three times the day it’s published, I now get more shares from my followers re-tweeting/re-pinning my content than I do from people coming to the post and sharing it themselves. Why? Because it’s easier – just one click and they’ve provided their followers with one more brilliant blog post.

Document my life on Instagram

Documenting your life and your successes will allow people to take a peek inside of your day to day and help them understand you a bit more Before I started blogging for my business, I posted randomly and infrequently. Since I've started I try to give my followers a glimpse of my life because believe it or not…people care about your daily routine and it shows them what you do to be successful!

Be SOCIAL on social media

True…it’s important to share your blog content, promote your products, and share dope content from other people, but if ALL you’re doing is putting links in front of your audience, people are going to see you as just a business and not the amazing person you are! Seriously, the more you connect with people, take the time to answer questions, comment, and even just say thanks, the more you’ll build a genuine connection and the more likely those people will be to hire you or make a purchase. Plus, blogging and launching products all alone isn’t all that fun – get out there and meet some dope people with the same manifesto as yours!

Respond to emails

The magic is in the follow up! If someone reaches out to you…make sure you reply in a timely manner…after all you ARE running a business. First of all…get your email organized. Unsubscribe, filter and delete. No one likes emails so make it the best oasis it could be. Even if you aren’t able to send every single person a response, try to hit reply on as many emails as possible. Responding to a person once opens the doors to them knowing that you’re interested and available. That you (again) are a real person and that you really are as helpful as you seem.

Record your results: what’s working and what’s not

Don't follow EVERYTHING you hear and read on the internet. Bonjour! Different things work for different people and just as unique as you are is as unique as your business is. Pay attention to how tasks and responsibilities make you feel and what results you see from spending time on something. If webinars make you want to throw up before, during, and after, don’t do them! If webinars net you $10k every time and that makes you feel like a shining ball of money-scented starlight, then rinse and repeat! Work in your strengths! Put time into things that either make you feel amazing, excited or brings in big results (money, traffic, subscribers – whatever floats your boat!). If neither is happening or one side outweighs the other to your detriment, kick it to the curb (or hire someone else to do it for you). There are so many options and ways to accomplish things – it’s not worth continuing to add things to your to-do list that aren’t pulling their weight.

Prep for the month(s) ahead

Remember when I said planning will be your best friend? One of the biggest stress relievers I’ve found is creating content – blog posts, weekly emails, social media images – WELL IN ADVANCE. I’m not always on top of this (as I’m totally writing this post the day before - Sundays are my day for planning but this Sunday was Mother's Day), but when I am, it feels SO FREAKING GOOD. (Picture me saying this in my wonder woman pose ready to conquer the world. To know I can take a day or an afternoon off because my content is all set for the week is solopreneur EUPHORIA. But in order to do this, I need to organize my calendar WEEKS before and have a plan for what I’m going to be posting and launching. I use Hootsuite as well to make sure my post are scheduled for the week, an easy tool to schedule and forget your posts so you can free up time for other things on your to do list.

Future Planning

How do you want your life to look like in 6 months? In a year? In 5 years? When we’re working solo it’s so easy to be so focused on today’s never-ending to-do list that we can’t see past the end of the week. It’s important to take a moment to visualize what you’re working toward on a regular basis. Is it a production studio? (that’s mine :) Your own cooking show? Clients booked 6 months out? Or just a daily to-do list with only one single task you’re super excited to work on? Taking time to look into the future is not only helpful in planning and making sure your daily and weekly tasks are pointing you in the right direction, but keeps your WHY in the front of your mind, which will serve as constant motivation. I also plan for the next day after I am don with my daily tasks so I can maximize my time.

Take a break

This is so important…especially for those of you who are workaholics. Self-preservation is #1….no matter what…mandatory…nonnegotiable. Whether it’s a coffee break or a week in Spain, time off is so important in building an online presence that will have longevity. How can you work within your best abilities if you are burnt out. Step away from the work…free your mind and recharge. This is extra important when your work requires you to be consistently creative. I cannot produce content (blog posts, emails, photos, course lessons) every single day when I’m feeling overwhelmed or crabby. Those are the days I know a workout, a nap, a good book, or a quick movie will take me completely away from my to-do list so I can come back in an hour (or 24) in a better mood and feeling like I can produce something worthy of your time.

Watch the video on YouTube for more tips and advice!

You can download my DAILY BLOG TASK WORKSHEET.


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What do you do every single week that keeps your numbers (online and in the bank) growing consistently?

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