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6 Different Side Hustles To Help Fund Your Business

This post may contain affiliate links. Regardless, I only recommend products and services I trust.

In between jobs? Need a side job? Want to pay off debt? Well I've got you covered! I have created 6 Different Side Hustles To Help Fund Your Business. This list will give you 6 different ways to make money online by doing simple tasks.

1. Get to writing!!!

If you love writing this is perfect for you! Write in the comforts of your own home. Write an Kindle E Book and sell on Amazon, write article for online blogging sources, you can even write short stories under the perfect alias.

You can earn plenty of money taking on private clients and setting your own rates as a freelance writer. Freelance writing consists of writing articles or other pieces of work for blogs, magazine, or website content. You can sign up for work on various job posting sites. The catch of course (as it is with any home business) is that it can take a while to get things moving…but once you do you have the potential to make a full time income.

As long as you have a computer and internet, it won’t cost you anything to get started, although you may want to set up a website with a rundown of services you offer, your rates, and some writing samples. Start advertising for free on Craigslist and start posting on different writing forums...add a signature line with a link to your site! And violia!

2. Take Surveys for Cash

This option is soo looked over. Answering surveys with your honest opinion can make you a lot of money. By taking the time to give your opinion, you are providing input for the development of a product or service. In fact, the quality of an online survey depends on the reliability of the information you provide.

Consumers influence future products and services by volunteering to participate in consumer research, such as online surveys and product tests. Members enjoy the benefits of voicing their opinions, while also getting rewarded and make money online.

3. Become an Amazon/Ebay Seller

You can run a business selling or re-selling items on either eBay or Amazon — two of the most popular online shopping sites that exist on the web. It is VERY possible to make a full time income.

Start-up costs to begin selling on both of these sites are minimal since it is possible to start out selling stuff you find around the house that you no longer need, then take that money and go “thrifting” to find more items to re-sell.

4. Take Pictures

If you love photography, and you want to capture all of the beauty and joy in life, you might be considering how to start a photography business. So many people find the love of photography beginning with wanting to capture their little bundles of joy, and having that desire grow from there. You can make some serious money capturing breathtaking shots in with your vision in mind. Many bloggers and graphic design artists love unique pictures and they will pay major bucks for them

5. Transcribe

Are you a quick typist? For an investment of about $50 along with a pair of high-quality headphones, you can get an at-your-own-pace job as a transcriptionist with relative ease.

TV shows, doctors and industries all over the world need to keep a well-documented record of their activity. Instead of transcribing the text in-house, however, they'll usually outsource their transcription to a third party.

Transcribing audio needs someone who can stay focused with strict attention to detail. This can be a very lucrative opportunity where you can make a full time income.

6. Teach

Become a tutor! You can tutor either inside or outside your home. You choose what age group of students to tutor — elementary, middle, high school, or even college level — just depending on what you’re best at. You don’t necessarily need to have a degree, especially if you’re planning to tutor elementary age students.

You can get started with little to no money. You just need to get the word out that you’re offering tutoring services. Advertise in your local newspaper (very cheap), contact local schools, and soon you’ll start to get clients. Over time, word of mouth should help keep you pretty busy without you having to spend much money at all on advertising.

Good luck to you, and please comment below if you’ve started a successful side hustle!.

My Survey: https://www.mysurvey.com/index.cfm?action=Main.lobbyGeneral&myContent=online_surveys

T.Anna. From 11 Inexpensive Home Business Ideas. http://realwaystoearnmoneyonline.com/11-inexpensive-home-business-ideas/>

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