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How To Stay Motivated When You Just Don't Feel Like It...

Sustaining motivation in life can be tough when negativity seems to suffocate your dreams and destroy your hope. When this happens some of us go through the rest of our day with a cloud of negativity.

But how does one stay motivated when your to do list is a mile long, you received some bad news about an upcoming important event, your child received a bad grade in school and you just caught a flat tire on the way to the grocery store to pick up dinner.

While affirmations and other self-help hacks are there to keep positivity on the forefront of your minds, they don’t always work especially when you are in the midst of a shit storm.

Motivation isn't magic, no smoke or mirrors here. It’s not an instant pill you can take. You must tap into it and manifest it. As I've been observing entrepreneurs and becoming an entrepreneur myself, I've discovered 6 things that are fundamental to having and sustaining motivation throughout the "shit storms" of life.

Figure your "Why"

Having a "Why" helps to keep you focused when everything else is in question. What is the thing that will motivate you every morning to reach your goals? What makes you come alive? The word inspire comes from the Latin word "inspirationem", meaning “to breathe life into.” When we are working toward things that inspires us, it makes us feel more alive.

Feed your subconscious positivity

Think of your conscious mind as a “gardener”, and the subconscious mind as the “garden”. Whatever you conscious gardener plants is exactly what will grow in the subconscious garden.

Throughout your journey in life, you are constantly programming and conditioning your subconscious mind with thoughts, habits, and beliefs.

These “seeds” planted in your subconscious garden result in either a bountiful harvest of success and goals achieved or a barren wasteland destroyed by failure and negative repercussions.

To ensure more success in your life, start by consciously planting more beneficial seeds into your subconscious garden.

Positive tribe or support

When planning out our goals we tend to focus only on the what and how, and forget about the who. No man is an island, which means very few goals are accomplished by you and you alone. You need a team, a circle, a net around you to assist you in your journey to success. 4 types of people to include in your tribe.

Abundance Attitude

Whether you think negatively or positively, it will manifest itself in your life. Try to keep an abundance mindset, where there is no place for negativity. Keeping an abundant mindset is like having blinders to the negativity that will be undoubtedly be thrown your way on your path to greatness.

Make a Plan and stick to it

Without a plan you WILL Fail! Not having a plan will surely have you running around like a chicken with its head cut off. We must write down our goals so we can know exactly what we are striving for and how we are going to achieve it. Also be sure to review your goals daily so they stay on the forefront of your mind and ensure your actions align with your goals. How To Make Achievable Goals.

Celebrate your accomplishments

No matter how small our accomplishments are we must celebrate them! If we are working towards a goal that may take a year, we may get discouraged if we don't celebrate our little accomplishments in between. Celebrate when you lose 5 lbs out of your 20 lb goal, celebrate when you get your first client instead of waiting until you have 10. Celebrate EVERY SINGLE milestone towards your major goal!

We can't control what happens around us but if we remain positive and focused on our goals, diligent in our efforts and strong in our perseverance... nothing can stop us!

Watch the YouTube Video HERE.


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