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4 Ways a Mentor Can Propel You to Success

“NO man is an Island…Consequently, nothing great was ever accomplished alone.” Looking back on my life, I can trace back each accomplished goal to a mentor or person who helped me achieve it. Whether it was learning to tie my shoe or creating Zipporah Monique…a mentor was involved. I am blessed to have mentors in a lot of areas of my life, Finance, Health and Fitness, Writing, Branding, Marketing, even Big Brother, they are there for advice and guidance and I am grateful for all of them.

What Exactly Is a Mentor?

A mentor is a more experienced (typically older) professional in your field who offers you career guidance, advice and assistance from a real world point-of-view.

Why Bother?

On Your Mark, Get Set, GO!

Whatever your goal may be an mentor can get you started on the path to achieving it. The hardest part of goal completion is simply starting! A mentor can give us that boost to get up and get going. We all may have goals or dreams but until we ACT they will remain just that… dreams. Mentorship can provide that spark that pushes you to take your first step towards accomplishing your goal.

Been There, Done That

With having a mentor you are learning from someone who has already been where you are and can give you guidance on how accomplish your goal quicker. They have already traveled the path, they know exactly what it takes to get there and what sacrifices need to be made. You are learning from someone who has already arrived at where you want to be.

Glimpse Of The Future

You have the rare opportunity to see what it would be like to achieve your dreams before it actually happens. By having a mentor who is where you want to end up, you get first-hand experience on what is included in their day to day experience. Experience is an invaluable tool, it can’t be purchased, it can only be earned, or shared.

Increase Your Confidence

With any goal you try to accomplish, roadblocks and obstacles will get in the way. This is inevitable, but it becomes a heck of a lot easier to overcome if you have a mentor on your side to boost your condfidence. They help to build your confidence with simple words of encouragement, an e-mail with a little different perspective, or even just knowing that you have the support such an amazing person.

How Do I Find A Mentor?

If you need help in finding a mentor, here are a few ways to get started:

Ask Your Friends & Family

The best way to find a mentor is through someone you already know. Someone vouching for you can save you a lot of time and hard work up front of having to track one down yourself.

Network, Network, Network

Get out there, attend events, shoot out e-mails, call people in your area of interest. Offer them your time, services, skills, in exchange for 60 minutes of time to get inside their head, get some advice.

Hire One

There numerous professional mentors or coaches in almost every area you can think of. A lot of them are for hire, and are skilled at helping you to achieve your goals. If you want a 30 minute coaching consultation with me CLICK HERE.

If you do not already have a mentor. I challenge you to start looking for one RIGHT NOW! If you are having trouble finding one, what are your srtuggling with?

If you already one, GREAT! How did you find your mentor? How are you benefiting from your mentor?

I’d love to read your comments below!


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