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How to Find Your "Perfect" Vision In Life

When we are told to make sure our goals need to be SMART and to be sure we right them down, but weren't told that we need to start with a VISION.

Goals start from determining your vision. Creating a vision for your life may seem like a frivolous waste of time, but contrary to belief it is one of the most effective strategies for achieving the life you desire. Your vision is the compass for your life that helps to guide you towards actions and choices that will propel you towards your best life.

Why you need a vision?

With a vision in mind, you are more likely to succeed far beyond your expectations and achieve all your dreams and more. Think of crafting your life vision as mapping a path to your personal and professional dreams that makes life satisfaction and personal happiness within reach. Without developing your own vision, you’ll allow other people and circumstances to direct the course of your life. We don’t want that!

How to create your life vision?

Don’t expect a clear and well-defined vision overnight—envisioning your life and determining the course you will follow requires time, and reflection. Your best vision blossoms from your dreams, hopes, and aspirations. It will resonate with your values and ideals, and will generate energy and excitement to help strengthen your commitment to explore the possibilities of your life.

ONE Question Only?

The question sounds simple, but it’s often the most difficult to answer. Allowing yourself to explore your deepest desires can be very frightening. Remind yourself that a fulfilled life doesn't happen by chance but by design.

What does your PERFECT day look like?

When answering this question, I want you to dream, be creative, create a vivid picture, get specific and detailed!

Some questions to start your exploration:

  • How will you feel about yourself?

  • What kind of people are in your life? How do you feel about them?

  • Where are you? Where do you live? Think specifics, what city, state, or country, type of community, house or an apartment, style and atmosphere.

  • What would you be doing?

  • Are you with another person, a group of people, or are you by yourself?

  • How are you dressed?

  • What’s your state of mind? Happy or sad? Contented or frustrated?

  • What does your physical body look like? How do you feel about that?

  • What are your values? What issues do you care about?

  • What are your talents? What’s special about you?

  • What would you most like to accomplish?

Does your best life make you smile and make your heart sing? If it doesn’t, dig deeper, dream bigger!

It’s important to focus on the result not about the process for getting there yet—that’s the next step.

Think about the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in the future. Change impossible to achievable by taking it step-by-step.

It’s important to revisit this vision from time to time. Don’t be surprised if your answers to the questions, your vision, and the resulting plans change. That can actually be a very good thing; as you change in unforeseeable ways, the best life you envision will change as well. For now, it’s important to use the process, create your vision, and take the first step towards making that vision a reality.

If you stop growing and changing, you are without life.

View the introduction for the Vital Road Map to Success HERE.

Download the PDF Version of the Vital Road Map to Success HERE.

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