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14 Steps to Creating An Irresistible Brand Your Followers Will Love

14 Steps to Creating An Irresistible Brand Your Followers Will Love.

When you’re just starting out in a new business or blog venture (whether big or small), there are so many things to consider before you can start to offer your product, service or announce your message. It can be totally overwhelming. So where do you start?

Having a clear brand is imperative to a successful business. Your followers need to know what you are offering and what they can expect from you.Without consciously acknowledging it, our branding such as the culture, products and marketing advertisements impacts our initial impression of a business. For instance, when searching for a new business in my area, I subconsciously ruled out those whose sites seemed very dated, or had poor information about their services. This proves that a clear understanding of what you are offering along with being visually appealing is essential to your brand.

Without further ado, let me share with you the

14 Steps to Creating An Irresistible Brand Your Followers Will Love

What’s Your Purpose?

This is your chance to share your story. Why does your business exist? What is your why? Why did you choose this business?


What is your vision for the future? If you find this out in the beginning you will save yourself a lot of time, re-branding or re-naming.

Brand Culture

Your culture attracts and retains the audience you want. It shares the values you have as a business owner and as a company.

Brand Positioning

Getting clear on ‘what’ you are offering and ‘who’ you are offering it to is one of the fastest ways to grow your business.

Brand Differentiation

Don’t just blend in...STAND OUT! Your brand needs to be the first thing on people’s minds. Be the first, the best and the only in your industry.

Top Key Messages

These messages should address your audience’s pain points and how you will solve them.

Brand Promise

What will your audience look to only you to provide? What can they expect from you?

“Badass” Customer Experience

Creating an amazing experience for your customers is very important to your brand. This will create return customers and never-ending referrals.


Don’t just have a business…start a Movement. Be clear and fearless! In no time you will have your tribe of fearless-buying followers.

Product List

What products and services will you be offering to your customers and what is the price of each?

Brand Foundation

Without a foundation, your business will crumble. Making sure you choose 3 categories to keep you grounded.

Naming Process

Choosing a name can be nerve wrecking…Best advice is to follow your heart. Exhaust a list of options that relates to your brand and choose one!

Design Elements

The 5 critical design elements for the brand includes: Colors, fonts, images, logo design and process strategies.

Motivating Event

Because you are starting a movement, give people an opportunity to connect with you and give you a opportunity to show the community your Bad Ass Brand!

Do you have another strategy to add this list? I would love to hear in the comments below!

Be sure to download the fillable version of the 14 Steps to Creating An Irresistible Brand.

14 Steps to Creating An Irresistible Brand Your Followers Will Love

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