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 I. Am. Queen


30 Days worth of challenges, worksheets and interactive videos sent to your inbox to embrace self love and discover the real you.  

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Join us for this FREE 30 Day Self Love Challenge. The goal of this is to fall immensely in love with yourself...I mean head over heeeellls in love with the best person you know! 

I grew up being bullied, later I found myself in constant unhealthy relationships where I was over accommodating and underappreciated. Before I knew it I landed myself the role of and insecure, unloved, abused girlfriend in a toxic relationship.


I realized there HAD to be something better..there HAD to be someone who will give me the love I deserve! I was so right! That person was me! I couldn't expect anyone else to love me and treat me like a Queen if I felt like I didn't deserve it. 


 So I started working on myself..EVERY SINGLE DAY. I built my esteem up to be impenetrable. I refused to have fear and Queeeeen let me tell you! ....I haven't looked back since!! Imagine not being crippled by fear..not second guessing every action...not allowing your introvert-ness to stop your shine. Waking up everyday overwhelmed with love and saturated with confidence.


Hmmm sounds so freeing huh? 


Well let me show you how to overcome the things that keeps us fearful and in the same situations we know aren't good for us. Join me on a 30 Day Self Love challenge where every day you will receive detailed instructions on how to get one step closer to living ultimately UNAPOLOGETICALLY!

You Will Learn:

  • The big mistake everyone makes when trying to find happiness.

  • The missing step to the Self Love process that most people overlook.

  • 6 really important tasks one should perform daily to unlock abundance.

  • The answer to the question: Why don't I love me?"

  • Simple exercises to help you detox your life of the toxic elements that keeps you from spreading your wings! 

This challenge will teach you how to truly love and accept yourself for who you really are. We will start to understand what patterns of self-hate and abandonment look like and find practices that fit in your unique daily life that will bring you more self-love and self-care. Within these 30 days, you will learn how to forgive, show-up, respect yourself. Pulling up the roots of what no longer serves you and planting new seeds of abundance. 

Share this event and invite your friends and family to join us!

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