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It's time to take back your power.
Healing is hard...But you don't have to do it alone. 
The beauty of this book is that it provides a prescription for healing in the form of a soul-cleansing process. Enter this journey so that you can be set free to live the life God has planned for you. Queen, it’s time to heal and end the suffering. 

"Growing up I had no instructions For success."

I had no role models that looked like me who could guide me through my emotions, feelings, or trauma. So I endured silently and continued to spiral down to rock bottom. Once I hit the bottoms of bottoms I made it my mission to assist women in never being in the same position as me.  


Reclaim your Reign is an inspiring, in-depth look at the necessary steps to heal emotional trauma, adopt high standards, and create a life of success and status. In short, the one goal of this workbook is to assist you in

Mastering yourself so you can Master the world around you.  

I hear so many women say...
I wish my father had been present in my life, so I would not have accepted a lot of crap from men…
Growing up, I didn't feel loved by my mother which caused...
It is hard to find and maintain a solid group of trustworthy girlfriends to do life with...
I was devastated by a previous lover and that hurt changed me for the worse...
I feel controlled by my emotions, which causes...
I avoid family functions like the plague because there is sure to be some tension present...
I often don’t feel loved or heard...
I don’t know what to do with my life and I feel like I’m just going through the motions...
I’m not happy with how my life turned out...
If you have ever said any of the above, then this book is for you.
There may be emotional wounds that are stopping you from living your best life. Disappointments, rejection, competition, overthinking, and family secrets are some of the emotional wounds that cause inner chaos and damage our sense of self. As black women, we suffer differently, and our history is complex but it is now time to Reclaim Your Reign
Reclaim Your Reign
Is designed to help women in general, and Black Women in particular, reclaim their time, their overall wellness, and their rightful place upon the throne of self.
With this workbook, we are empowering Black Women to put themselves and their wellness first, to make room in their life for their personal joy, and to make no apologies for proclaiming that they are worth the best of their time, energy, and effort!
This workbook will help you to explore various self-care practices and then develop your personal self-care plan to ensure your ongoing wellness! Each chapter is designed to educate you, challenge you, and soothe you through the healing process. It’s like having a life coach at your fingertips, helping you to navigate your personal wellness journey! 
Topics Covered:
  • Self Awareness & Self Honesty 

  • Forgiveness & Self Soothing 

  • Boundaries & Identifying Healthy Relationships 

  • Shadow Work & Generational Patterns 

  • Healthy Coping Behaviors 

  • Acquiring Knowledge & Owning your Story 

  • Self Care & Action Planning 


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Reclaim Your Reign: A Guide to Emotional Intelligence for Women of Color 

$47   $33

What Queens are saying....
Woman with White Jacket


I got tired of having to walk on egg-shells to please everyone because they still see me as 'lil Rachel' and I decided that I had to love me more than them and this workbook helped me see that establishing boundaries with my family is what's best for me. 

Image by madison lavern


I am so thankful for this workbook! It has been a great source of life support and sustainment for me and my growth. And Zipporah thank you for being such a great conductor of positive change in my life!

Attractive Young Woman


I had a lot of anger about things I couldn't control from my past. I had to accept the fact that some things are outside of my control and process my emotions around it. This workbook allowed me to forgive and move on with my life.


I am an Emotional Intelligence Strategist, Author, Success Systems Expert, & Psychology-driven Business Mentor who consults CEOs, Corporations, and women of color on how to use culturally responsive Emotional Intelligence to enhance confidence, success, & status.  After spending the last several years working in confidence coaching and systems of daily operations, I know what soft & leadership skills are needed for one to have a fulfilled and thriving lifestyle. "Self Mastery is the key to thriving in life and business, if you Master yourself you can master the world around you." ​​

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