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Who coaches a Queen?

Who gives support to the one who supports others?

Where does the motivator get motivation from?

Do you compare yourself to other entreprenuers and wish you could be more like them?

Do you sometimes get the "impostor" feeling?

Are you tired of not having someone who understands your vision?

Are you tired of settling for draining relationships or environments that hinder your success?

Are you ready to break-free from the daily negative self-talk?

Are you tired of playing small when you know you are as dope as they come?

Would you love to step into your unapologetic power and BadAss-ness?

Would you love to turn your self-love and worthiness up eleven thousand percent?

Would you love to unlock your feminine flow and magnetism to attract unconditional love, continuous abundance and optimal success with more ease and grace?

Queen, you are in the right place!

I am looking for BadAss Queenprenuers who are ready to rise to the next level in Life and Business.

 I serve many purpose-driven Queenpreneurs and I find that many of them have complete comfort in giving but incredible discomfort in receiving. Whether getting paid high-end prices for services, asking for help (at home or in business), or taking credit for their talents.


I know what it’s like to struggle to love on yourself while successfully balancing life and business.

I know what it’s like to hold onto sabotaging relationships, careers, foods, or friends because it makes you feel comfortable.

I know what it’s like to know there is so much more potential inside of you, but not know how to access it fully.

About being worried about what people are thinking of you when posting on social media.


I know all about people pleasing and giving, giving, giving until nothing is left. 

Feeling like no matter what you achieved, it never feels like enough.

Well Queen your mindset needs a little changing. 

I am here to help you realize that your thoughts are hindering you from going to the next level in business. 

To help you realize you have untapped potential that you need to unleash. 

That you are more than enough to be unapologetically you on screen, in front of your audience and in your business. 

That you were born a gorgeous, badass, magnetic woman. You are a Queen, baby, let me help you shine brighter!

The truth is as a woman we are born to shine.

We are born to manifest your wildest desires with ease and queenly grace.

We are born to experience ultimate pleasure and feel ten thousand percent gorgeous, happy, successful, and fulfilled with who you are and what you are contributing to the world.


You are born to be a badass who knows her value and creates her dreams.

You just have to learn how to unlock the queen inside of you.

How would it feel to…

Walk around feeling like a worthy radiant magentic queen?

Create your own version of gorgeousness and success?

Get out of your head and back into your body, pleasure and intuition?

Stop people pleasing and putting everyone else before your needs?

Have the confidence to rock your dream job, date, networking event or speak your truth?

Have the freedom to be wild and fiercely authentic without worrying what people think?

Be so sure of your value and uniqueness that no one can compete with you?

Create the love, success and abundance of your dreams because you feel worthy and enough?

I do recognize  that you may have been taught (just like I was) to sanction and impose self-limitations and negative beliefs about who you are, and what you are capable and worthy of, which today, in this Act of your life could be the result of you:

  • 'Shooting yourself in the foot' - going so far with your ideas, plans and goals for your life, career and business then quit just at the point where you have to leap? Frustrating? Wonder what's wrong with you? Ever wonder why you do it?

  • Talking  yourself out of great opportunities and possibilities because you don't feel capable, worthy or deserve them? Who talked you out of them the first time?

  • Focusing on and paying attention to your fears. Scared of failing, falling or getting it wrong? More worried about what others will think? Compare your inner world with another's outer show?

  • Doubting yourself and your own wisdom. Should yourself? Sabotage yourself? Which leaves you thinking 'What the hell is wrong with me?'

  • Having low expectations for you and your life. Have you been belittled, criticized and put down once to often that you are scared to create what matters? Are you doing it to yourself?

  • Feeling as though you are always stuck in a rut. Maybe you've developed some habits and attitudes that are a block to you realizing and releasing your true potential.

  • Not believing in yourself, your talents, your gifts, your work, your business? Do you actually think you can achieve what you set out to: with high optimism and motivation?

  • Saying, 'Here I go again! What is wrong with me?'

  • Lack of commit because even though you talk a good talk...Something in you feels like a fraudster because you don't believe or act that your aspirations, desires, hopes and dreams matter.

Content Breakdown

Let me introduce my Self Love Queens program.

Crowned Course 

Over the course of 6 weeks, I take you on a journey to self-love and worthiness.

Here is a taste of what we will be tackling:

  • My unique formula for dealing with comparison for good.

  • Raising your standards and no longer being available for struggle.

  • Why your self worth = your net worth and what to do about it.

  • My radically fresh approach to body love and feeling gorgeous.

  • Tapping into your innate Queen nature.

  • The secret code of worthiness that every woman should know.

  • Releasing old habits that sabotage your success and no longer serve you.

  • Releasing your past, mistakes and the feeling that you are unloveable.

  • Tapping into your uniqueness so that no one can compete with you.

  • Alignment practices to support your radiance and nourishment.

  • Turning the abundance faucet and allowing for substantial financial growth

Heading 2

You will walk away with the knowledge to know:

  • How to bust through your financial blocks and reprogram your mindset and beliefs.

  •  How to elevate your energy and embody the badass queen you were born to be.

  • How to finally stop caring so much about what people think of you.

  • How to tune into your heart and intuition for guidance.

  • How to make yourself number one so your needs and desires are always met.

  • How to step into your personal power and stop people pleasing.

  • How to become your own soulmate lover and best friend for life.

  • How to stop focusing on your flaws and finally feel like enough.

  • How to navigate your rollercoaster emotions with ease and grace.

  • How to cultivate natural confidence and self-belief to go after what you want.

  • How to tap into your feminine flow to achieve more with less hustle and force.

What should you expect?

This is an extensive online coaching experience held over 6 weeks.

▲ Weekly video training modules.

▲ Weekly live group coaching and Q&A sessions.

▲ Weekly worksheets, exercises, and journal prompts to help you dig deep and uncover a world of promise. 

▲ Access to a private Facebook group for support and connection. with other Queenprenuers.

Lifetime Access to tons of extensive business training where I breakdown how to set yourself up for achievement and success. 

Financial Planning guides which will show you how to plan your life and business financial goals so that you never have to second guess where your next deposit will come from.

24/7 Email support from me and my team. Night owls or Early Wakers we got you both! 


I am an Emotional Intelligence Strategist, Author, Success Systems Expert, & Psychology-driven Business Mentor who consults CEO's, Corporations and women of color how to use culturally responsive Emotional Intelligence to enhance confidence, success, & status.  After spending the last several years working in confidence coaching and systems of daily operations, I know what soft & leadership skills are needed for one to have a fulfilled and thriving lifestyle. "Self Mastery is the key to thriving in life and business, if you Master yourself you can master the world around you." 


Stop letting limiting beliefs and self-doubt rob you of the life you can and should be living.

Get clear on your goals and make a plan to achieve those goals in a way that is in alignment with your vision of success.

Choose to be more.

We only have 10 spots available. And the current price will go up this weekend! Hurry and join now at the pilot price! 

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