Everyone has been asking about my new released book and inquiring about this dope QUEEN hat.....well now you can get them both!!! 


I've been bullied, beaten, broken, forgotten about, and tossed aside. I've been talked about, spat on, lied to, underestimated. I've had thoughts that the world would be much better without me, felt like I wouldn't be missed, even attempted to end it all. I've chosen the thug over the good guy thinking 'why would he want me'. I've searched for love in all the wrong places using my most precious parts. I've fallen into depression, ate myself sick and questioned my existence numerous times. I've blocked out my friends because I didn't want to be a burden, said "fine" instead of "help me", labeled myself inadequately unworthy, because I've failed, failed some more and failed again. 


I've hit rock bottom yet I survived to tell the story.  


I am not my past, I am not what others define me as and I damn sho' aren't my mistakes.  I am more than my circumstances, more than what meets the eye, simply MORE THAN ENOUGH. So many women think that their past is what defines them...we couldn't be more wrong. Our past PREPARES us to fulfill our purpose.


The problem is that school and most life education courses only address the worldly side of things and neglect the emotional and mental aspects of life that we need along the journey...Especially as Black women! We've been told over and over - in both direct and indirect ways - that we are not good enough.


That's why I've created CROWNED. To help women and girls understand that YES  you are enough, YES it is okay to be unapologetically  YOU, YES you can have everything they said you couldn't, and YES you do have a purpose that is bigger than you. You just literally have to quit the negative self-talk, stop caring about what others think, and quit allowing people (yes, your family and friends) to talk you out of your dreams. In Crowned I share with you my journey of BELIEVING, EVOLVING, and BEING a QUEEN.


Take A Peek Inside...

9 Banish - A Queen knows the place of a pawn.

8 Keep - A Queen doesn't do clutter.

7 Claim - A Queen knows what is hers.

6 Communicate - A Queen knows the art of language.

5 Praise - A Queen will give credit where it's due.

4 Build - A Queen knows a strong foundation is essential.

3 Set - A Queen knows how to be proactive vs reactive.

2 Learn - A Queen knows there is no replacement for education.

1 Place - A Queen knows the value of assignment.

Bonus Chapter : Pass - A Queen Knows the importance of others.


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