Over the course of 6 weeks, I take you on a journey to self-love and worthiness.

Here is a taste of what we will be tackling:

  • My unique formula for dealing with comparison for good.

  • Raising your standards and no longer being available for struggle.

  • Why your self worth = your net worth and what to do about it.

  • My radically fresh approach to body love and feeling gorgeous.

  • Tapping into your innate Queen nature.

  • The secret code of worthiness that every woman should know.

  • Releasing old habits that sabotage your success and no longer serve you.

  • Releasing your past, mistakes and the feeling that you are unloveable.

  • Tapping into your uniqueness so that no one can compete with you.

  • Alignment practices to support your radiance and nourishment.

  • Turning the abundance faucet and allowing for substantial financial growth


Stop letting limiting beliefs and self-doubt rob you of the life you can and should be living.


Get clear on who you are, what you are offering and start collecting deposit notices!


This is a Mastermind complete with a self guided course, in which we will meet LIVE weekly for discussions and quesitons.

Profit Off Your Crown