Odds & Ends Home Improvement

Case Study

The case study below illustrates what a big difference having an online presence can make for a small business.  Keep reading to find out how Zipporah helped a general contractor go from having zero online presence to dominating local search results

The Challenge

Despite being in business for a decade, like many local businesses Odds & Ends Home Improvement still did not have a modern website.  In fact, the only way the business was represented online was by a Facebook page.  The only way Jimmy was marketing his business was through word of mouth and newspaper advertising. In addition, Jimmy didn’t have any marketing materials for his business, which made it difficult to educate prospective customers about the range of services he offered.

The Solution


After completing a Vision Brand Audit with Zipporah, Jimmy realized how much potential business he was missing out on by not having an online presence.  He also realized that he had an opportunity to be the first contractor in his area to create a strong website and claim valuable online real estate.  He decided to work with Zipporah to create a total online presence for his business, and also create printed marketing collateral to better market his business off-line..

Create a Unique Selling Proposition

Before diving head-first into marketing tactics, Zipporah helped Jimmy develop a marketing strategy for his business that would help him stand out from the competition.  After analyzing the business’s strengths and discussing Jimmy’s goals with him, Zipporah recommended a three-pronged attack to marketing Odds & Ends Home Improvement.

  • First, Zipporah recommended collecting reviews and testimonials from the business’s existing customers so that Jimmy could legitimately claim to be the #1-rated contractor in Farmville.

  • Second, he suggested that Jimmy create subscription-based service plans in order to offer a unique way of delivering home improvement services, encourage repeat business, and create a recurring revenue stream

  • Finally, Zipporah recommended that in all marketing materials, Jimmy’s excellent communication should be emphasized, since many contractors have a very poor track record in this area.

Jimmy immediately understood what a big advantage this approach would give him over his competitors, so he readily agreed to the marketing strategy.

Reputation Marketing

Once the strategy was set, the first thing Zipporah did was get Jimmy’s business listed on dozens of local online directories. Many of these directories allow consumers to leave ratings and reviews for a business.  These ratings and reviews play an important part in people’s buying decisions, so making sure that a business has a positive online reputation is critical. In short order Odds & Ends Home Improvement gathered enough 5-star reviews to legitimately brand themselves as the top-rated contractor in the area.


To the right is a screen shot of a Google search engine results page for “Odds and Ends Home Improvement” taken before Jimmy began working with Zipporah and after. Note that the Facebook page displayed as the number one result is for a different business with the same name, located in another state.  In essence, as far as Google was concerned, Jimmy’s business did not exist.

The 2nd image shows the exact same search done after Jimmy’s business listings and reputation marketing service had been set up.  Note that now every single result displayed on the page is for Jimmy’s business (with the exception of the paid ads at the bottom).

Needless to say, it is now much easier for people searching for Jimmy’s business online to find his contact information, as well as to see his 5-star rating on his Google maps listing.

Content Development

A big part of any successful marketing campaign is content that educates prospective customers about a business.  In order to save time and money, it is a best practice to re-purpose content in as many different ways as possible.  For Odds & Ends Home Improvement, Zipporah created a 10-page marketing kit for the business that included testimonials, descriptions of services offered, and biographical information about Jimmy.  That content was then used to create a tri-fold brochure, and also used on the new website.

In addition to written content, it’s also important for a business to have multimedia content like pictures and videos to support it’s message.  To that end, Zipporah produced a whiteboard animation video that explained Jimmy’s unique subscription plans for home improvement services.

Website Development

Once all the content was created, the next step in the project was to develop a website for Odds & Ends Home Improvement.  In order to be effective, the website had to incorporate strong calls to action, be optimized for lead conversion, and make it easy for both people and search engines to quickly find the information they were looking for.  As you can see from the screen shot to the right, the new website design accomplished all of those things quite well.