The Healing Circles Tour

Talking circles, peacemaking circles, or healing circles, as they are variously called, are deeply rooted in the traditional practices of indigenous people. In North America, they are widely used among the First Nations people of Canada and among the many tribes of Native Americans in the US. Healing circles take a variety of forms, but most basically, members sit in a circle to consider a problem or a question. 

The talking circle process is a unique instructional approach that can be used to stimulate multicultural awareness while fostering respect for individual differences and facilitating group cohesion. “The symbol of the circle holds a place of special importance in Native beliefs, the lives of men and women, as individual expressions of the Power of the World move in and are nourished by an uninterrupted circular/spiral motion.


Human beings live, breathe and move, giving additional impetus to the circular movement, provided they live harmoniously, according to the circle’s vibratory movement.


 Today, talking circles are used throughout the country in tribal inpatient and outpatient drug and alcohol centers, group homes, adolescent prevention and intervention programs, prayer circles, tribal and public schools, and college-based English as a Second Language programs. They effectively foster respect, model good listening skills, settle disputes, resolve conflicts, and build self-esteem. Talking circles as a psychological technique provide a cathartic impact of publicly sharing problems or concerns.9 This group intervention/activity provides participants with a structure that promotes self-exploration in an empathic and supportive atmosphere. In addition, talking circles have been compared in relevance to Network Therapy, which mobilizes members of the family and extended family into maximizing their resources and coping mechanisms.10


My name is Zipporah Monique. I am a Confidence and Emotional Intelligence Consultant that works specifically with women and girls who have experienced domestic violence and/or sexual abuse. I am organizing a Healing Circles tour over the US. I created a curriculum with accompanying workbook, which is designed for those who have been through traumatic situations and need support and guidance to understand their value and purpose as a young woman and to heal from their past. It is my passion to transform the mindsets of those who have experienced adversity. 

The curriculum is called ReNew Her Healing Circles: The Regeneration of a New Her. Healing Circles allows us to step out of ordinary time into a safe and accepting environment in which to explore true healing. With open minds, we explore together ways of deepening our capacity to heal, alleviating our suffering, and finding meaning in both challenge and joy. With open hearts, we access our own inner guidance to understand where the greatest healing—in body, emotions, mind, and spirit—can occur. 

This approach focuses on the mindset of women and by changing their thought patterns so once they escape their abusive situation they can also heal from the damaging mental restraints.  

I am offering your organization the opportunity to be amongst the pilot program of the ReNew Her Healing Circle tour, which will: 

  1. Heighten Self Awareness and Self Mastery  

  2. Navigate through positive and negative thoughts and emotions for healing 

  3. Build self-esteem and confidence through cognitive exercises 

  4. Reduce negative self-talk, self-doubt, and scarcity mindset 

  5. Understand and discern Co-dependency 

  6. Identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Morals, and Priorities 

  7. Have support in the journey to independence and stability 

I am only offering this to a few places in your area. If you would like to be added to the tour, be sure to respond usually tour dates are secured quickly.  

I look forward to talking to you about moving forward.  


 “We heal in communities” 


To a building Self-Love Generation, 

Zipporah Monique