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Reclaim Your Reign

Guide to Emotional Intelligence for Women of Color


My Story

I am an Emotional Intelligence Strategist, Author, Success Systems Expert, & Psychology-driven Business Mentor who consults CEO's, Corporations and women of color how to use culturally responsive Emotional Intelligence to enhance confidence, success, & status.  After spending the last several years working in confidence coaching and systems of daily operations, I know what soft & leadership skills are needed for one to have a fulfilled and thriving lifestyle. "Self Mastery is the key to thriving in life and business, if you Master yourself you can master the world around you." 


Learn first-hand how to rewire your brain and then watch confidence, empowerment, happiness, resilience, and fearlessness roll up into your life.




Get the insight, strategies, and tools to create the systems and funnels you need to deepen your clarity and take everything you touch to the next level. 

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This group is for the female leaders who want to think BIGGER, go HARDER, live BETTER, & take their passion and purpose to new levels of success.

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