I am Zipporah Monique, Pleasure to see you here on my site! That means you are ready to invest in yourself through Emotional Intelligence. 

Wondering what I do? I am the person who's gonna help you own your power, increase your emotional awareness, and build the life of your dreams, all the while making you feel like the Queen that you are! 


As a born innovator, I’ve always valued the power of thought through authentic communication. So when I found myself working at a job where I felt unappreciated and overlooked, where it was hard for me to wake up and feel excited about my life.... I knew I took a wrong turn some where and something had to change. 

I then followed my heart into starting a business that serves people who desperately want to live life on their own terms. My purpose is to help women develop the confidence to conquer their fears, to choose what they really want out of life and to build a successful life.

Would you agree that we all want to live a life that is confident, purposeful, inspiring, flourishing, meaningful, loving, free from fear: a life where we can handle challenges that come our way and overcome barriers quicker, with more focus, drive and determination so that we can live a life we love?

A life where we believe in ourselves and our abilities.

A life where we have have trust that whatever is put in the path we will be able to handle it to the best of our abilities?


When I’m not coaching my clients, prepping for my next speaking engagement or filming a YouTube video — you can find me hiking, painting a intriguing mural or dancing to some old school R&B while badly singing at the top of my lungs. 

 Since we’re friends now, let’s get better acquainted:

  • My name is correctly pronounced Zip-por-ah and you can find it in the Bible at  Exodus 2:21. It is the name of Moses' wife and means beauty and female bird. 

  • I was on my way to dental school and turned it down because I didn't want to be limited to helping people ONLY though dental care. Never looked back.

  • I’ve never had a whole cup of coffee in my life. I’m a tea-aholic, and my favorite is tropical green tea.

  • While growing up I participated in beauty pageants, for the talent portion I performed interpretive dance. 

  • I grew up in a playing sports; volleyball basketball, tennis, and football. I regularly play Wide Receiver and Quarterback on a flag football league. 

  • I am an avid supporter of Cancer research as a dear friend lost two of their grandparents to the disease.

  • As an Public Health Educator turned Biologist turned entrepreneur, I know what rejection feels like and I can tell you, the fear of failure should not keep you from living a life you love. If I can do it, so can you

Fun Facts

That is how I define being CROWNED.


It's an inner knowing. A feeling. A state of mind. A clarity. A trusting.

I work to help you realize that you have everything you need inside. You were born fully equipped. 

You may have forgotten or you may have been so well programmed and conditioned you believe you don't, that you just have no frame of reference to believe you are worthy, capable, fearless, bold, brave, unique and amazing.


Why do I do this?


I am passionate about black women, their passion, their values and breaking toxic generational cycles, financial & trauma mindsets. I want black women to understand their magic and be equipped with emotional intelligence which allows them to navigate this world to benefit them. I am passionate about black beauty and the light that comes with it. I am passionate about ceasing depression and anxiety, about women no longer struggling in silence. The lack of self value, distorted self perception, decreased self worth, and self doubt needs to be combated with a healthy realization that their power lies within and they are fully equipped from birth.  

Now that you know about me...tell me about you!!!!