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We Are Crowned is a brand focused on empowering Queens that they are more than enough and they hold the power of a True Queen.


She is kind, pleasant, beautiful, and full of tact, she has the ability to be firm, gracefully commanding, and politically wise. She is intelligent, virtuous, honorable, morally strong, charming, conservative, witty, and not boastful. A Queen is one who can steady the perils of a nation with a word, and can calm the fear of her people with a look. She is strong and can undergo much with grace. Her life is known by kind acts, compassion, strength, sacrifice, and service. If she is married- she portrays wifely virtue. If she has children, she shows maternal kindness. As well, a Queen will seek to aid her people, and lives for them. A Queen is to eminate all the womanly virtues-as she is the role model for all females.

Sounds intimidating right?

We Are Crowned helps women understand that they are already equipped with the skills of a true Queen. Out products remind you that you are royalty. 

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