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“Zipporah is a dynamic speaker who has a way of captivating and motivating her audience.  Her approach to sharing the importance of SELF- preservation, HIGH-standards, and Emotional Intelligence is needed in our communities and businesses. Those who witness her workshops or trainings are able to walk away with the techniques and action steps needed to assist them in mastering self-awareness, managing high-stakes decision-making, adopting empathy-savvy leadership skills, and navigating through conflict resolution. People of all ages and backgrounds can benefit from hearing her powerful message.” 

Zipporah Monique


Zipporah Monique is an executive coach, emotional intelligence consultant, and leadership speaker with over 11 years of invigorating leaders and high-performing professionals to adopt emotional and social learning to maximize their strengths to foster change. She uses Awareness, Analysis, Action, and Achievement to enhance the lives of her clients and their businesses in a healthy transformative way.  

After more than a decade of working with high-performing individuals (HPIs) in various industries, She's determined that nothing dictates how successful a person is in achieving a goal more than EQ. Zipporah has worked with thousands of leaders across the US & Canada to guide them toward greater clarity, deepen their self-awareness, and identify specific goals and actions to increase their impact through the practical application of groundbreaking emotional intelligence techniques and mindset strategies. Certified in culturally responsive emotional intelligence, organizational development, conflict resolution, leadership training, and life coaching. 


Zipporah exudes a commanding presence, an innate level of confidence, and a regal air that has the ability to stir up any audience to bring out the best in people. She is also known for her straight-forward, practical, hip-savvy style that allows for real-life experiences and controversial techniques to connect with her audience at a raw, open, and honest level. Her mission is to build capacity in people by providing the vital tools to be successful in their life’s journey and this shines through to her clients. 



  • Increased Self Awareness

  • Improved Leadership

  • Enhanced Collaboration and Innovation

  • Higher Sales Revenue

  • Better Company Culture

  • Improved Conflict Resolution

  • Enhanced Employee Engagement

Image by Sincerely Media


“Zipporah Monique brought incredible value to our Women's Empowerment event as the keynote speaker. Her content and delivery won her fans for life — we are still hearing about the impact she made months after the summit!"

Events Coordinator, Wounded Warrior Project
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